Thursday, June 08, 2023
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Gunslingin' Rating System

Wines are rated on 3 different scales,

with the following in mind…

(a general retail price is given in U.S. Dollars)

GRADE (is you is or is you ain’t?)
(considering what the varietal/land are capable of – scale of “A”, “B”, “C”, “F”)

(ie: “B” is a solid dime-a-dozen. Not a life-changer, but drinkable)

(’Best-of-Breed’ value in its particular market – how the asked retail price matches with competition)
( “=” or “+” is assessed as a value in its market )
( “-” is assessed as overpriced in its market )

(***** – 5 star scale saying how much “you should buy this wine!”)

Here is an example.

‘95 Ch Randle Syrah $25 A+ +15 *****

Vintage: 1995
Producer: Chateau Randle
Region/Varietal: Syrah
General U.S. Retail Price: $25
Grade: A+ (great example of high potential of Syrah!)
Value: This wine is worth the Best at $40 (Incredible Value! It is a $25 wine!)
Out of 5 Stars: ***** (so, you should buy this wine!)

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