Thursday, June 01, 2023
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1994 Monte Bello with Bleu Cheese Greens…

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Still alive and kicking. A multi-dimensional, no-rim-clearing, taste-like-Cab, well-balanced and elegant middleweight treat! A perfectly balanced complement to the mixed-greens, bleu-cheese, pear, pecan, and grape tomato salad that went along for the Sunday night palette-ride… I was concerned that it might have outlived its peak and I would have to move on to a different bottle, but I was graciously mis-concerned.

The last time I had one of these was Spring 2003 at ‘South by South Wine Five’ (SXSWV). With serious competition in attendance, it was one of my favorites that evening. I’ve always considered Monte Bello to be graceful, complex, and characteristically unique. They are consistent.

Paul Draper makes pure brilliance beyond Zinfandel and truly deserves the respect he receives.

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