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Term Definition
DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllat

Italian system for quality wines produced in a specified region (QWPSR). There are more than 200 DOCs, each with a set of rules defining the region of production, permitted grape varieties and yields, and sometimes ageing requirements. The system provides a guarantee of authenticity for the consumer while protecting the producer from competition. A higher level also exists, DOCG. See also 'vino da tavola', 'IGT'.

DOCa (Denominacin de Origen Calificada)

The highest quality wine designation in Spain. Rioja was the first region afforded this designation in 1991 and was followed by Priorat in 2003, and Ribera del Duero in 2008.

DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controlla

The highest quality wine designation in Italy. The promotion of DOCs to DOCGs has generally involved the imposition of more stringent rules on yield and grape varieties, for instance.


Italian term for sweet. Sweeter than amabile or abboccato.


French term for wine estate.


Dose of sweetness added to Champagne (and other sparkling wines) just before the final cork is put in place. Almost all sparkling wines have some added sweetness, even if they are labelled Brut.

Double Magnum

Bottle of 3 litres equivalent to 4 normal (750ml) bottles. In Champagne this size is called jeroboam.


Tasting term used to indicate an absence of detectable sweetness. Many wines contain a little residual sugar, while still tasting dry.


Spanish term for sweet. Sweeter than semi-seco. The same word is used to describe wine blended with Sherry to give the sweetness to Cream styles.

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