Thursday, June 01, 2023
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The concept of Good Taste Report began in October 2000, though not officially named Good Taste Report until 2004 (Stephen Shallcross coined the name). Regular tastings were a consistent part of education. Assessing where the better values lied was a definite part of its early existence. In fact, what is now referred to as "Gunslingin' Rating System" originally was coined in 1999 (by Drew Moore) as the "Gregometer Scale".

As most anyone who knows me will tell you... I love stories. I love Grandpa telling tales of yesteryear. I love listening to a 3 year old tell me about the world. Culturally, stories are how we play together. For me, wine tells a story. Not everyone is a great storyteller, but we all have our own angle! The idea of Good Taste Report began as a way to share stories and experiences as life relates, in this case, with wine.

Based in Austin, Texas, GTR events are of a social and educational nature.



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