Thursday, June 01, 2023
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Cellar Consultation

Cellar Consultation

Private Cellar Consultation

Palate Doctor.

I am dedicated to learning your palate and finding your perfect match.

We’ll discover exactly what moves you, create a cellar strategy while maintaining cellar diversity (varietals, costs, bottle life-expectancy), and work with local, online, and auction purchasing options. It’s an educational and evolutionary relationship.

Growers Champagne? Nahe? St. Julien? Clos des Lambrays? … All of it!

The cool and clever “everyday” rockstars? We’ll work together.

Maintain Cellar Diversity.

(varietals, life, seal integrity, and most importantly, “opening time”)

Tastes change. When will you drink these wines?

Maybe the bold Aussie Shiraz-style won’t do it for you in 5 years? Maybe the youthful Riesling you previously disliked is your best friend once it hits 10 years old? We all want maximum enjoyment out of our wines. There is little point in spending thousands of dollars on wines we will never be able to enjoy at their best. Let’s find the best-of-breed!

Let’s discover, explore, and get the fun underway!



All consultation is done on a confidential basis at hourly rate. 


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