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The 7th Annual Good Taste Report "Taste of Scotch"

Scotch in Winter

This has to have been one of the best years of this Austin single malt scotch event! A fantastic tasting! What a great contrast of worthy spirit. Reminder: 1/2 ounce whisky pours sneak up on you.

My first meaningful kiss with single malts was in late '93/early '94, when I was living in London. I started with Glenfiddich 12, moved on to Laphroaig 10 (my first true "I get it"), and paddled through a world of exploratory dramlust. I've been lucky enough to meet some really neat folks through the world of scotch and am very grateful for it! From 2004 to 2006, this evening was held in late October/early November, but a year after Michael Parker's (Opal Divine's) annual home event evolved into Opal Divine's Whiskyfest in 2004, we asked for Michael's blessing in moving our tasting to January (tentative "Winter"/scotch month)...This tasting is held to 25 attendees, which appears to be the maximum amount of folks to make the night work and still seem cozy & small.

A fun read, Anthony Garcia (Wine is Divine) held his own single malt glassware A/B review before the tasting and decided on the Schott Zwiesel Barrel Aged Spirit Glass (Top Ten Series). Of the whiskies he tried, here are his posts on Highlands, Campbeltown, and Islay. Rob Moshein (Austin Wine Guy) has set out for 2010 to write about a wine each day, um, or 364 wine and a scotch tasting... He posts about 6 Single Malts here. THANK YOU to Michael Rocha (Habana House Cigars) and Marc Fairorth for the stogie effect (ie: cigars!)...And a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the players of the evening that shared their passion, whiskies, and a great nibble-grub spread! The night began at 6 and ended at 4. 

The most-talked about of the night seemed to have been Ardbeg 22 (1975), Ben Nevis 14 (1986), Benriach Madernis Fumofus, Bowmore 37 (1966), Caol Ila 10 (unpeated), Dallas Dhu 20 (1978), Glen Moray 27 (1964), HP Black Adder (1982), Longrow 14,  Springbank 12 (100 proof-the old one), and Port Ellen 19 (1982).


65 Whiskies : 48 Single Malt Scotches / 17 other Single Malts & Related Interests

Hosted by Mitch Mooney, Aimee Randle, and Greg Randle...

Chateau Randle. Not blind tasting. 


Here is a list of the bottle guests: 7th Annual Good Taste Report

Ardbeg Corryvreckan 57.1%

Ardbeg 17 43%

Ardbeg 22 (1975) Gordon & MacPhail 40%

Ardmore 12 40%?

Ardmore 13 (1990) Gordon & MacPhail 56.8%

Auchentoshan 12 40%?

Auchentoshan 21 (1974) 43%

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Trockenbeerenauslese Elysium Factorie


Happy TBA Orchestra


In transcendental preference.

1. ‘01 Robert Weil Riesling TBA Kiedrich Grafenberg (375ml) $175 A+ -25 *****

—Holy Cow Genius! / return-to-church wine! / tropical yemen, earl grey, spicy peach

2. ‘96 Darting Scheurebe TBA Durkheimer Fronhof 7.5% (375ml) $112 A+ -30 *****

—The first kiss that mattered / dense / clove, creamy, over-ripe peaches

3. ‘02 Alois Kracher Scheurebe #5 TBA Zwischen Den Seen (375ml) $68 A+ +9 ****

—Junior Wells standing on a harpsichord! / sage, cinnamon-honey in a bear hug

4. ‘92 Muller-Catoir Rieslaner TBA Mussbacher Eselshaut (375ml) $122 A+ -42 ****

—smoked bacon-fat, psycho-rich, perfect peach & apricot balance

5. ‘96 Pra Recioto Soave 13.5% (375ml) $68 A -24 **

—lost a lil viscosity, but brilliant nonetheless / lemon, lime, and light potpourri spice


A Taste of Strange Brew



1st Annual “Strange Brew 2007″

Sandra Spalding has been waving pom-poms about having a beer tasting for awhile and we finally did it. A special Thanks to Sandra and Ian for hosting and suggesting! It was the perfect day for a perfect tasting (beer list below). So now, we’ve got all seasons covered with an annual tasting.

Winter – “A Taste of Scotch in Winter” (annual single malt tasting)

Spring – “South by South Wine” (annual trophy wines/cellar treats tasting)

Summer – “The Classic” (annual classic cocktails tasting)

Fall – “Strange Brew” (annual funky beer tasting)

Read more: A Taste of Strange Brew


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