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Term Definition
Blanc de Blancs

French term (white from white)-white wine made from white grapes (i.e. most white wine).

Blanc de Noirs

French term (white from black)-white wine made from black grapes. Particularly used for Champagne made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (with no Chardonnay).


Spanish term for white.


German term for Rose wine.


U.S. term for pink wine.


German term for squatty, flagon-shaped bottle used for wines from Franken and sometimes north Baden.


Spanish term for wine-making cellar, winery.


Tasting term used to indicate the weight of the wine in the mouth.

Bordeaux Mixture

Copper-based spray used to treat vines against disease.


Fungus which attacks grapes. Essential for the finest sweet whites, where the fungus ('noble rot') allows water to evaporate from the berries leading to a concentration in sugar content. Otherwise undesirable.


Italian term for large barrel.

Bottle Age

Period that a wine has spent ageing in bottle, which may be months, years or decades. See 'ageing'.

Bottle Fermented

Sparkling wine in which the second, bubble-forming fermentation took place in bottle (rather than in tank). Always the case for Champagne. The term is found on labels of other quality sparkling wines.

Bottle Sickness, Stink

Disagreeable smell or taste sometimes found in wine immediately after it is bottled. Should disappear rapidly.


Tasting term used to indicate the smells that develop with ageing.

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