Friday, March 05, 2021
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German term for botrytis. Noble rot.


German term for individual vineyard site, the boundaries and names defined by German wine law. Ownership may be divided among different growers.


German term for Ice Wine. Sweet wine style made in Germany and Austria (and Canada). Grapes are left on the vine until much later than usual (sometimes after Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere) in the hope that icy conditions will prevail. The water content in the grapes then freezes and they are quickly picked and pressed to yield a juice rich in sugar. The resulting wines are rich and luscious, though without the botrytis flavor of other sweet wines.


French term for grape-variety mix; used to describe the components of a multi-varietal blend.


French term for a sample (ie: a wine tasting sample)


German term for bottled by the producer.


Spanish term for sparkling. Most Spanish sparkling wines come under the Cava DO, but a few are simply classed as vino espumoso.

Estate Bottled

Mainly New World term, used to indicate that the wine was bottled on the property where the grapes were grown.


Portugese term for oven in which Madeira is cooked, as part of the production process.


Alcohol, ethyl alcohol. The natural product of fermentation of sugars, present in all wines.

Ethanol Alcohol

Compound formed by the fermentation of sugar. Responsible for the intoxicating effect of wine, but also essential for adequate body and mouth feel.

Extra Sec

French term for extra dry. Mainly used in Champagne. In fact it is a sweeter style than brut.


Soluble solids (other than sugar) present in wine which contribute to its body and structure.

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