Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Vines With No Soul

Wine Rants

One of my favorite parts of playing with wine is the continuous learning-curve epiphany. It’s that whole “the more I learn, the less I know” thing. This rings as true in wine as it does in life.Anybody can walk into a retailer and pay an exuberant price for a cheap-tasting wine. Many of the ‘high-rated’ and ‘cult-status’ wines are great and goofy examples of these ‘auto-pilot’ and ‘resting-on-their-laurels’ blindfolded non-performers. I consider many wines to be extremely overpriced, one-dimensional, and tasteless… especially many of the new world, high alcohol, 18-wheeler-stylin’ fruitblobs.

I’m on a personal campaign to find what I refer to as “Stamp on the Head Wines”, high quality wines that are best-of-breeds in their genre and pricepoint. Occassionally, it is refreshing to have a Cab that actually tastes like Cab. I don’t mind paying serious money for a serious wine, but don’t charge me pretentious prices for seriously plastic-passioned wannabes. Scrape off the makeup and give me an honest wine that actually has character…
Now, don’t take me wrong. I love soul-less, thoughtless, and loveless wine as much as the next guy, but please don’t charge me over $6 a bottle for it…

In order preference.
1. ‘03 Haut Bages-Liberal Pauillac $31 A +5 *** 042406
—It’s a Boy! A few wanted bruises/solid middleweight/currAntly flexed
2. ’03 Moulin de la Gardette Gigondas Ventabren $29 A -3 **
—white peppered-black olive & wild mushroom pizza
3. ’02 Ch Potensac $26 A +6 **
—Las Cases’ Delon Family/black currants, earth, berry plays bass, perfect acidity
4. ’02 Rsv de Comtesse Lalande Pauillac $28 A +4 *
—Pichon Lalande’s 2nd/typical blackberry and herbal cherry-dropped middleweight
5. ’03 Ch La Fleur St Emilion $29 A -2 *
—raisin, plumtime, dark chocolate, with a berry-zip on the side
’01 Les Ormes de Pez St Estephe $30 A = **
—a consistently well-structured straight shooter/Spice with a tad

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