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20 Years of Dominus at Wink

20 Years of Dominus at Wink - Page 4 - My Favorites List

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20 Years of Dominus at Wink
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Page 4 - My Favorites List
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My Favorites, in order:

1.  '86 Dominus

2.  '84 Dominus

3.  '85 Dominus

4.  '94 Dominus

5.  '83 Dominus

6.  '92 Dominus

7.  '01 Dominus        

8.  '96 Dominus         

9.  '95 Dominus

10. '00 Dominus

11. '90 Dominus

12. '91 Dominus

13. '89 Dominus       

14. '02 Dominus

15. '03 Dominus

16. '98 Dominus

17. '88 Dominus

18. '87 Dominus

19. '99 Dominus (corked)

20. '97 Dominus (corked)




The After Bonus:

’91 Quinta da Noval Nacional Port – perfect touch to a great tasting!

       (season – small harvest, widely declared)

       $110 A- -20 ***


I am so grateful that I was invited to participate in this once in a lifetime experience. What a brilliant opportunity to see the contrasting textures, fruit, tenure, and spirit of the vintages and juice!  In the past, I have considered 5 wines as King of U.S. wine. They are Ridge Monte Bello, Philip Togni, Burgess Cab Sauv, Diamond Creek, and old vintages of BV Georges Latour. I think I have to add Dominus to my list…


A huge THANK YOU goes out to Brian Owens, Mark Paul, and Wink Restaurant.


Thank you to George Edwards for the great pictures here!

Also, Thank You to Mark St. Clair and the Wink Restaurant Staff, Michael Vilim (Mirabelle Restaurant), Devon Broglie (Whole Foods & MS Candidate), the Texas Wine & Food Foundation, and to Dominus Estate for the creation, wine, food, time, attention to every detail, and passion of this day! It makes me extremely proud to be a part of such a delicious community.

20 Years of Dominus Estate at Wink Restaurant (Austin, Texas)

A Special Shout Out to:


Eric Polzer, Matt Taylor, & Joseph Gallindo


Wine Guys

Brendan Owens, Dirk Miller, Devon Broglie, & Paul Ozbirn


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